About Habemco

Our Story

“The people of rock village,” also known as the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake, are a federally recognized Native American tribe located in Northern California.

The Tribe has existed in the Upper Lake area of California since time immemorial. It has survived extreme obstacles including a massacre by the United States calvary in 1850. To say the Tribe is dedicated to perseverance is an understatement.

Our Purpose

In the modern era, perseverance requires dedication to self-determination and self-reliance.  Because tribes lack the traditional tax base afforded local, state and federal sovereigns, the Tribe must pursue enterprises to secure funds for governmental operations. Centralizing the expertise of our employees in Habemco allows the Tribe to share the collective experience of the Tribe’s talented staff across the Tribe’s governmental and business enterprises as requested by the Tribal government. This approach permits the Tribe to nimbly direct resources to assist with existing business lines and develop new business ventures. The Tribe’s ultimate goal is to diversify and improve its economy while providing growth opportunities for our employees.


Our Talent

Headquartered in a beautiful, yet remote part of California, the Tribe, recognizes that to compete in highly competitive industries such as FinTech, the Tribe must access expertise throughout the nation. The Tribe adamantly believes that our customers, our enterprises and our government deserve the best talent available, and geography should not be a limiting factor.

In general, in addition to certain employees that work remote, the Tribe has three major locations:  headquarters in Upper Lake, California, call center and support services in Overland Park, Kansas, and our tech center in Atlanta, Georgia. The Tribe currently employees over 185 talented team members in its enterprises focused on customer service, product development, growth, and a prosperous future for our customers, our employees, and our Tribe.

About 60 key team members located throughout the nation support the Tribe and its enterprises through Habemco providing expertise that includes marketing, risk & analytics, credit, technology, finance, legal and compliance.

Career Opportunities

Vision Statement

Promoting access to credit through technology-based consumer-centric products creating sustainable Tribal economic independence.


Meet Our Board of Directors

We wouldn't be Habemco without our fearless leaders! Our Board of Directors are comprised of industry veterans with extensive business and regulatory experience.

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