The Difference is Our Tribe

Self-determination and self-sufficiency are woven throughout
the fabric of who we are as a Tribe and as a people.

What is Habemco?

Habemco is the Peoples Company

Habemco is the people’s company. With employees across the nation, we firmly have our roots established with a people-first approach.

Being Tribally-owned adds an purpose to our employee’s everyday work life: they aren’t just working to support a family and day-to-day expenses, they are working with a history since time immemorial behind them. This added responsibility to perform and succeed has helped our team become some of the best in the industries we work in.

Who is Habemco

“The People of Rock Village”

“The people of rock village,” also known as the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake, are a federally recognized Native American tribe located in Northern California. The Tribe has existed in the Upper Lake area of California since time immemorial. It has survived extreme obstacles including a massacre by the United States calvary in 1850. To say the Tribe is dedicated to perseverance is an understatement.

Our Story

The Tribe & Its Enterprises

The Tribe and its Tribal Enterprises are composed of several entities wholly owned by the Tribe operating in multiple business verticals, all of which are headquartered on the Tribe's reservation near Upper Lake, California.

Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake

“The people of rock village,” also known as the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake, is a federally recognized Native American sovereign nation located in Northern California. The Tribe has existed in the Upper Lake area of California since time immemorial. The Tribe narrowly survived centuries of federal policies that subjected it to unspeakable cruelties, including attempted genocide; one example is known as the Bloody Island Massacre. Nonetheless, the Tribe persevered and has embraced the modern federal policy of self-determination and self-sufficiency. These ideals not only form the backbone of the Tribe’s public policy with regard to its citizens, but they are woven throughout the fabric of the exercise of their Sovereignty.

Uprova Credit, LLC

Uprova Credit, LLC is the Tribe’s flagship online lending brand created on the belief that everyone should have access to safe and affordable lending options. The brand delivers on the Tribe’s goal of offering an end-to-end customer rehabilitation path. By incorporating the latest in risk and analytics technologies, subprime borrowers are given a chance to launch themselves up the credit spectrum with an end goal of converting subprime borrowers into prime borrowers all under one roof. Uprova lends to borrowers of all credit levels, but the mission is to uplift the underbanked. Borrowers can expect competitive credit products, value beyond financial products, a streamlined experience, and instant funding.


Arrowshade is the Tribe’s wholly-owned online lead network that works with both sellers and purchasers of online lending leads. Arrowshade provides services to over 40 lenders in the subprime lending space, including the Tribe’s online lending brands, as well as hundreds of affiliates who specialize in online lending lead generation. Arrowshade is a team who manage the Tribe’s network affiliate and lender relationships. Their unrivaled approach allows you to transcend boundaries and strengthen your market position for maximum performance and long-term success.

Running Creek Casino

Running Creek Casino is the Tribe’s wholly-owned casino and has been in operation since 2012. Running Creek offers patrons a full-service gaming destination with a vineyard setting along the historic Highway 20 corridor of Upper Lake, California. The casino features 349 slot machines, 5 table games, and a player’s club booth. With two dining experiences, two fun-filled bars, banquet room facilities, live entertainment, and weekly sporting event viewing opportunities, Running Creek Casino is truly the “Place to Play” in Lake County!

Upper Lake Processing Services

Upper Lake Processing Services, Inc. (ULPS) is the Tribe’s wholly-owned call center and loan processing services entity that supports customers of the Tribe’s online lending brands and will support other Tribal endeavors in the future. ULPS currently employs around 100 team members in call centers in Upper Lake, California, and Overland Park, Kansas, fulfilling various roles involving verification, customer service, and collections.

"Our Team at Habemco is a strong nucleus that is driven every day by the underlying desire to provide the best experience and products in the market. As we pay homage to the Tribe that we work for, our purpose each day is Native in its roots."


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